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Consulting Services & Investigations, LLC provides forensic services for matters in litigation, or prior to filing formal lawsuits.  Bernard M. Telatovich, President of CSI, opened the business in 2005 with the intent of providing quality, competent and timely services, while maintaining a continuing professional engineering practice in Civil Engineering. 
Mr. Telatovich’s experience includes more than twenty-five years of experience in the engineering, construction and legal fields.

He holds a B.S. Degree from Lehigh University and a J.D. from University of Florida.  His  continuing professional education including Accident Reconstruction from the University of Florida and Northwestern University.  Extensive computer reconstruction and simulation in accident reconstruction was obtained from the University of North Florida.  He has been providing forensic services since 1994.



Consulting Services and Investigations, LLC, seeks to provide forensic services including investigations, reports and testimony in an unbiased professional manner. All forensic specialists shall be active in their profession, including professional associations, continuing education and community involvement. Clients make our business and maintaining responsive open dialogue with each client is essential. The outcome of any matter is a function of the attorney, witnesses and facts of the case as presented. The forensic specialist is to provide technical assistance, possess superior writing and testimonial skills and offer sound unbiased opinions with competent basis to a reasonable degree of certainty.


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