Pedestrian Accidents


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With approximately 5,000 pedestrians each year killed in motor vehicle related accidents and another 70,000 injured in traffic crashes (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s 2003 estimates), chances are you will need the help of a forensic expert specially trained in pedestrian-accident reconstruction.  Accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians often result in severe injury or even death. With stakes that high, the quality of your expert needs to follow suit.
At Consulting Services & Investigations, LLC (CSI), we are uniquely qualified with training and expertise that separate us from most forensic firms. We put our pedestrian-accident reconstruction training to work with our expertise and training in vehicle analysis and reconstruction to provide our clients with expert forensic services that are crucial in evaluating the merits of a pedestrian-vehicular accident case.
If you have a client who’s been involved in just such an accident, be sure to contact CSI so we can put our expertise to work for you.


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